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Harlem Globetrotter Alumnus
TyRone “Hollywood” Brown’s,
“A Piece of Paper” Children’s Book Receives 5 Star Rating!

A Piece of Paper

Larry Gator Rivers, also a former Harlem Globetrotter, praised the book as an “entertaining and educational book for children of all ages.”Meadowlark Lemon said this story “will teach, inspire and motivate children to set goals and a plan for success.”

“A Piece of Paper” is a great inspirational story, not just for kids, but also preteens, teens, and even young adults. The story is perfect for teaching you to never lose hope on your dreams, don’t give up because you’ve been shot down a couple of times, and also the importance of exercise. If you have any dream whatsoever, you should never give up.

What I like about this book is that, besides the fact of it being a lesson, it’s also Tyrone “Hollywood” Brown’s memoir. Most memoirs are, honestly, self-centered, talking about how great they are at whatever it is they do. Brown wants to inform his readers, give them advice, and help them be healthy.  Carey Shook

I enjoyed this book but my only complaint is it was too short. I love the Harlem Globe Trotters and it was fun to read how a young boy followed his dreams. Sharon E. Ogden

This was an interesting inside look into the career path of a former Harlem Globetrotter.

I enjoyed Mr. Brown’s book A Piece of Paper and would especially recommend this work to young men who are struggling to set goals for their life and stay on track, in school and aimed at the target. Tyrone shares how thankful he is to all of the people in his life who gave him encouragement, a hand up and help along the way to get to where he wanted to go. He tells of meeting famous folks, performing for huge crowds and small classrooms and finally being able to meet his idols, the Globetrotter’s themselves.

I was shocked to learn how training intensive the HG team is and how busy their travel schedule is. Good little read here, especially for young men close to being launched from home into the world.  Paul Dare

Does writing to a paper make you successful? Does thinking make you a man of time? Does hard work alone takes you to the top? Does it happen the next day? 1001 questions and this answers it all. Its NOT just one of those, but all of those. Tyrone “Hollywood” Brown had positive attitude, perseverance and determination to become a Harlem Globetrotter. He did not work for 1 year or 2 years, but for 16 years, he worked hard to improve his game, along with a great attitude. Colors, Illustrations, etc make this book even better.

I did not read this to understand success, but to get more energy to persist longer, stronger and better! I recommend this book to anyone who needs to succeed, who is yet to start in the path of success, who is confused, who is about to quit, who is in doubt on your success, and anyone whose lives are marked with words goals, aim, success, failure or at least an urge to do something. Karnika E. Yashwant “Mr. KEY”

The autobiographical story of TyRone ‘Hollywood’ Brown makes fascinating reading for kids who have a dream and want it to come true. It shows how a wish, simply written on a piece of paper at the age of nine, combined with hard training, has turned a little kid with a dream into a Harlem Globetrotter superstar. Well written and entertaining to read. I can recommend this book to children between the age of nine to twelve. E. N. Heenk

For the past 40 years I have had a calling to inspire youth. From leading the “children’s” service at my church to teaching in the public school system, I have always been on the lookout for that one at-risk boy or girl that needs some direction.

When I was a child my mother couldn’t afford to feed my brothers and sisters, so instead of ending up living on the street, she placed me in a a children’s home. I grew up with a bad attitude until a teacher got a hold of me and turned my life around. Because of that teacher who showed me how to dedicated myself, I ended up playing football, became a star in high school back in the 60’s, and was even known citywide for my prowess. I used my story to inspire youth that have had the wrong attitude or were simply misguided. Tragically, after my wife passed away last year, I lost much of my inspiration. I am now a substitute teacher and found myself avoiding the troubled youth, something I would have taken head on prior to my wife passing away.

Yet today is a different day.This book has reinspired me to keep working with children and youth. “Hollywood” Brown’s story is one that youth and adults should read. The youth to see what they can accomplish with dedication and hard work, and adults to remind them that we do make a difference in the lives of this young generation. I plan on recommending this book to every student I can reach and so should you.

I give this book my highest recommendation. It is well worth the purchase price and should be read and shared with everyone you come into contact with. Bobby Haula

I loved this inspirational story that warmed my heart! TyRone Brown is an inspiration who shows that with hard work and persistence, humongous goals can be achieved! This is a book I plan on saving and sharing with my children. Tamara


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