“There is an old adage that the best instruction is that which
teaches as it pleases…your program was a prime example
of just how effective that method can be.”

Judy Zimny, Principal
L.L. Hotchkiss Elementary, Dallas, TX

“We strongly recommend this program to any group of students!” 

Jeannine Korona Ferrara, Guidance Counselor
Saint Jude The Apostle School, Atlanta, GA

“P.R.O. Kids continually exceeds the expectations of our client!”

Proctor and Gamble Crest Healthy  Smiles 2010
Devries Public Relations, Public Relations, New York, NY

“Enthralled! Enthused! Great Support! Our students
need it and today they got it!

Florecita P. Valignota, Principal
Cameron Elementary, Chicago, IL

“A wonderful experience for staff as well as students.”

Sally Thurman, Assistant Principal
Academy of Multilingual Immersion Studies, Cincinnati, OH

“My principal stood up and said it was one of the
best assemblies we have ever had at our school.”

Millie Threeton, Counselor
Wheeler High School, Marietta, GA

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