PKIDSG — P.R.O. Kids  (Positive Reinforcement On Kids & Youth Group), was founded over a decade ago by Harlem Globetrotter alumni who, out of their concern as parents and role models, joined in an effort to combat problems affecting children. Their mission was, “to positively influence children and youth to reach beyond peer pressure, to encourage education and to stress the importance of good health and nutrition.” Today, these P.R.O. Kids ambassadors continue to visit schools and other organizations around the country to effectively spread these messages.

The foundation of every P.R.O. Kids program is relevant character education combined with ball handling wizardry.  This is the P.R.O. Kids unique brand of edu-tainment. All of the programs provide character emphasis and value for youths across the Country and Canada. P.R.O. Kids has reached over 8 million children; and the number continues to grow through in-school assemblies, school district field trips, celebrity basketball games and  basketball camps!

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